Proudly presenting useless, messy, poorly optimized and extremly slow maya shader.

Download scene here — EarthLikePlanet.mb


1. It renders with Mental Ray only.
2. Shading network is very heavy. So you need to turn off Thumbnails Update BEFORE opening this scene. Use renderThumbnailUpdate 0; command. Or your workstation turns into a calculator

How it works

All the needed attributes are in the Extra Attributes section of the PlanetOut shader. Planet Out shader is the combination of the Atmosphere shader and the Planet shader (both are presented in the scene).

For speed up render use lowest render samples.

Also Atmosphere slows down render seriously. So just toggle it off.

Attributes explanation

To change continent scale or pattern use ContinentPlacer (scale it, rotate etc.)

Some examples

And some weird one

Actually there is nothing special in this shader. Just a bunch of procedural textures with remap ramps.
But it’s really hard to navigate and edit this network since with thumbnails toggled off one can not see textures.

So if you are interested I prepared separate components of this shader wich you can download here.

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